MetricsHub Connector Maven Plugin

This is a Maven Report plugin, which is invoked by Maven's site plugin in the site lifecycle.

This plugin is designed to be used with the MetricsHub Community Connectors.

It reads the connector files from a source directory (E.g. ./src/main/connector), parses the .yaml files and produces the corresponding Reference Guide, as a set of HTML documents (through Doxia's Sink API), which is integrated into the project's documentation.

How to Use

Add the plugin to the <reporting> element in the pom.xml file of the MetricsHub Community Connectors project:

			<!-- MetricsHub Connector Maven Plugin -->


To ensure that the MetricsHub Community Connectors project's documentation incorporates the Sentry Maven Skin, make sure to include a ./src/site/site.xml file with the following configuration:

<project name="${}">



		<menu name="MetricsHub Community Connectors">
			<item name="Supported Platforms" href="platform-requirements.html " />

		<menu name="Reference">
			<item name="Reference" href="metricshub-connector-reference.html"/>




As any Maven plugin, the online help provides you with all the necessary information about it:

mvn org.sentrysoftware.maven:metricshub-connector-maven-plugin:help

How to Build

You can build the plugin with the usual command:

$ mvn verify

How to Run

In order to run your plugin, you will need to setup the MetricsHub Community Connectors project as described above.

First, from the root directory of your metricshub-connector-maven-plugin project, install the plugin in your local repository with:

$ mvn install

Then, from the root directory of the MetricsHub Community Connectors project, generate the project's documentation with:

$ mvn clean site -o

The -o flag is to make sure Maven uses the version of the metricshub-connector-maven-plugin that you just installed in your local repository (and not the one from a remote repository).

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