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Collection of Templates for Monitoring Studio X

Templates for Monitoring Studio X

This GitHub repository is a public collection of Templates for Monitoring Studio X, a monitoring solution developed by Sentry Software.

In a BMC TrueSight Operations Management environment, Monitoring Studio X will integrate natively as a regular KM for PATROL. But a single standalone PATROL Agent with Monitoring Studio KM will be enough to cover a small environment (less than 200 servers, typically).

>>> Check out the available Templates <<<


You will need:

How to use a template

Each template is in a separate sub-directory in ./templates.

Download the .cfg file and import it in Monitoring Studio X.

In Monitoring Studio X, create the Host you want to monitor with this Template and apply the Template.

Read carefully the associated for instructions on the required configuration and technical prerequisites of the Template.

Support and Maintenance

To be clear: these monitoring Templates may be provided by Sentry Software, but they are provided for free and no support or maintenance is guaranteed on these from Sentry Support. Monitoring Studio X itself, however, is fully supported (if you are an entitled customer!).

Problems with these templates can be raised on GitHub as an Issue. If you find a problem with a Template, DO NOT HESITATE to fix it yourself and share with the community! See the Contributing section below! :-)


Anyone is welcome to contribute in this library of monitoring templates for Monitoring Studio X!


  1. Fork the sentrysoftware.studioX-templates repository. As a result, you will have your own studioX-templates repository in your GitHub account.
  2. Create a branch from master with a proper name describing the addition or change you intend to bring
  3. Commit your changes to this branch, and push this commit to your studioX-templates repository on GitHub. The changes must include:
    • A new sub-directory in ./templates for a new Template
    • The template .CFG file, as exported from Monitoring Studio X
    • a short that explains what the Templates monitors and how to configure it (the content of is typically the same as the description field of the Template object)
  4. Submit a Pull Request to the master branch of the sentrysoftware/studioX-templates repository.

Thank you! :-)