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Repository Documentation Description License
gsf-awesome-green-software[1] Other[2]
gsf_software_carbon_intensity[3] Green Software Foundation - A specification that describes how to calculate a carbon intensity for software applications.
ipmilib[4] Java IPMI Library from ttp://[5] (direct import from src) GNU General Public License v3.0[6]
jstree-bootstrap-theme[7] Reponsive jsTree Twitter Bootstrap 3 Compatible Theme MIT License[8]
maven-doxia[9] [Home[10]] Apache Maven Doxia base
opentelemetry-collector-contrib[11] Contrib repository for the OpenTelemetry Collector Apache License 2.0[12]
otel-community[13] [Home[14]] OpenTelemetry community content Apache License 2.0[12]
prometheus-docs[15] [Home[16]] Prometheus documentation: update link for the exporter PATROL with Monitoring Studio X Apache License 2.0[12]
schemastore[17] [Home[18]] A collection of JSON schema files including full API Apache License 2.0[12]
ui-codemirror[19] [Home[20]] This directive allows you to add CodeMirror to your textarea elements. MIT License[8]
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