Sentry Repositories

Repository Documentation Description License
angular-match-media[1] Angular module to use Bootstrap3 media queries in your angular controllers. MIT License[2]
grafana-dashboards[3] GNU Affero General Public License v3.0[4]
http[5] [Home[6]] HTTP Java Client Apache License 2.0[7]
ipmi[8] [Home[9]] IPMI Java Client Other[10]
Jawk[11] [Home[12]] Java AWK interpreter GNU General Public License v3.0[13]
jflat[14] [Home[15]] JFlat Utility Apache License 2.0[7]
language-hdf[16] Hardware Description File (for Hardware Connectors, *.hdfs) language support in Atom MIT License[2]
maven-skin-tools[17] [Home[18]] Java tools and utilities for Sentry's Maven Skin Apache License 2.0[7]
metricshub[19] [Home[20]] Universal Metrics Collection for OpenTelemetry GNU Affero General Public License v3.0[4]
metricshub-community-connectors[21] [Home[22]] MetricsHub Community Connectors Repository GNU Affero General Public License v3.0[4]
metricshub-connector-maven-plugin[23] [Home[24]] MetricsHub Connector Maven Plugin Apache License 2.0[7]
metricshub-jre-builder[25] JRE Builder for MetricsHub Apache License 2.0[7]
metricshub-sanity-check[26] MetricsHub Sanity Check Workflow
oss-maven-template[27] Repository template for all Sentry open-source Java projects, published on Maven Central Apache License 2.0[7]
oss-parent[28] [Home[29]] Maven OSS Parent Apache License 2.0[7]
printf4j[30] [Home[31]] A Java version of C's *printf() functions Apache License 2.0[7]
scripting[32] Useful scripts for Sentry products, TrueSight, etc. MIT License[2]
sentry-maven-skin[33] [Home[34]] A skin for Maven Site (Doxia) by Sentry Software Apache License 2.0[7][35] [Home[36]] Site for MIT License[2]
snmp[37] [Home[38]] SNMP Java Client Other[10]
ssh[39] [Home[40]] SSH Java Client Apache License 2.0[7]
studioX-templates[41] [Home[42]] Collection of Templates for Monitoring Studio X MIT License[2]
tablejoin[43] [Home[44]] TableJoin Utility Apache License 2.0[7]
upload-buildinfo-outputs[45] Upload BuildInfo Outputs MIT License[2]
vcenter[46] [Home[47]] VCenter Java Client Apache License 2.0[7]
vscode-psl-lang[48] VSCode Extension for PSL MIT License[2]
wbem[49] [Home[50]] WBEM Java Client Other[10]
winrm[51] [Home[52]] WinRM Java Client Apache License 2.0[7]
wmi[53] [Home[54]] WMI Java Client Apache License 2.0[7]
workflows[55] Shared workflows for GitHub Actions MIT License[2]
xflat[56] [Home[57]] XFlat Utility Apache License 2.0[7]
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