What is Sentry Maven Skin?

Skin for static site generation with Maven

The Sentry Maven Skin is an Apache Maven site[1] skin to generate technical user documentation on Java (Maven) projects.

It leverages a (reasonably) modern Web stack:

  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap 3 CSS
  • Mobile-first
  • Dark and light colors schemes
  • Nice rendering for print
  • Local search index with AngularJS (no Google!)
  • Image optimization
  • Excellent Lighthouse score for performance and accessibility
  • and more!

Get started with your documentation project[2].


Working on sentrysoftware.org

Sentry Maven Skin used for sentrysoftware.org

Dark colors

Dark colors is supported out-of-the-box, automatic detection, manual toggle, and persistent user preference



An index is built automatically for your documentation and searchable, without Google or external services


The below table summarizes the current score of Sentry Maven Skin with Lighthouse[3]:

Device Category Score
Desktop Performance 96%
Accessibility 91%
Best Practices 100%
SEO 100%
Mobile Performance 66%
Accessibility 88%
Best Practices 100%
SEO 92%
No results.