General Settings in site.xml

Like any documentation using Maven Site, the general settings are stored in the site descriptor[1] (See also reference for src/site/site.xml[2]).

The Sentry Maven Skin specific configuration parameters are specified under the <custom> tag:

<project name="${}">


    <keywords>keyword1, keyword2, ...</keywords>
        <name>My Link Text</name>

Sentry Maven Skin specific properties

Property Description Default
<project name="..."> Title of the documentation
Recommended value: <project name="$">
<bodyClass> CSS class to be added to the <body> element of each page (which will control the color of the title).
Predefined values are: sentry-purple (purple), sentry-green (green) or sentry-orange (orange)
None (blue)
<publishDate> Publish date of the documentation
It is recommended to use a static value, or leave empty so the skin will use the build date.
Note: Format should be ISO (e.g. 2024-02-18T19:30:00Z), so the value can be interpreted properly.
$ or current date
<keywords> Comma-separated list of keywords that will be added to all pages in this documentation (and merged with the keywords set in each individual page)
<projectVersion> Version of the documentation (or of the product being documented). Useful to override the version defined in the Maven project. $project.version
<additionalLinks> Specify one or multiple <link> items that will be displayed in the footer of the generated pages. Useful for legal references, like terms of use, disclaimer, privacy policy, etc.
Specify <name> for the text to display, <href> for the link, and <target> to open in a new window or tab.
<social> Specify social network accounts and handles that will be displayed in the top navigation bar.
Supported networks include: <twitter>, <facebook>, <linkedin>, <custom>.

Values in src/site/site.xml can refer to properties defined in pom.xml.

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